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: йô㲻ѧƫѧ.㻹Ͻ¼𽣲㽣㲻㽣㲻ƤźҪˡ
Ӣķ: China so many weapons you do not learn, partial learn sword. You do not practice the sword, practice degrading! Revenge is not practicing, practicing Yin Jian! Sword you to you properly, you do not give you Jian Shen, non Sipilailian people clamoring to do the sword. . .
﷭: йѧϵѧ.Ͻ񣡽㽣㽣ƤססҪˡ
ķ: й겻ѧƫѧ.㻹Ͻ𽣲ѵ꽣Ӳ꽣ΪΪˡ
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